Working with Microsoft, Deloitte and Melbourne Business School to help organisations Xolve global problems


Today, whether you choose to launch a new business locally or globally is “a moot question” from a technology perspective, says Lee Hickin, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer for Australia and New Zealand. 

“We have a cloud platform that is globally available and delivers a lot of the services that would enable a local or global presence – there’s no differentiation in cost, complexity or effort, so it’s not a technology decision.”

Lee made this startling statement during a recent workshop, facilitated by Komosion, to put together the next steps in a plan to grow and scale Xolvit – an app created by our principal consultant Helen Baker.

Helen’s vision is to enable young people to assist organisations the world over to meet challenges aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The high-powered workshop set a six-month plan for Xolvit by bringing together passionate advocates with a 360-degree view on the app, spanning: sponsors (The Melbourne Business School); customers (Microsoft and Deloitte); an accelerator (Swinburne University); a potential funder; and enterprising students eager to participate on the platform.

An experience design and digital transformation agency, Komosion regularly facilitates strategic workshops either as a service in its own right or as part of larger projects.