New Search platform replaces long-winded audits and puts clients in the driver’s seat

John O'Neill

Our SEO Lead Consultant, Alastair Wright, is a no-nonsense Scotsman who has specialised in Search Engine Optimisation since 2004.

During his decades of working on SEO strategies with agencies in both the UK and Australia, he has noticed one common theme; the compunction of agencies to overload their clients with documentation, believing this justifies their fees.

Most often, however, these voluminous audits and reports do little more than overwhelm the recipient.

“SEO agencies have historically used a conveyor belt approach,” says Alastair, pictured above. “They produce big, long-winded documents, and nobody reads them. “And that, for me as the person that was tasked with producing the document, is soul destroying. I want the client to get the benefit of my knowledge but in the most effective way.”

And so it is on Alastair’s recommendation that we have onboarded an affordable and powerful new platform which we are now offering – along with Alastair’s project set-up and expert analysis services – to put our clients in the SEO driver’s seat.

“You simply take a keyword, select Google Australia, and it tells you how difficult it is to rank for that particular keyword organically, gives you monthly search volume data, paid search cost per click data and a host of related keywords,” Alastair, pictured, explains.

“Basically, the tool has, in the space of 5-10 minutes, done what I would previously spend three, four hours on.”

Alastair says that, for clients paying for search results in platforms such as Google Ads, attentive use of the tool can either reduce costs – where overlaps between organic and paid results are deemed undesirable – or allow for the reallocation of budget elsewhere; for example, to cover gaps where organic rankings are yet to improve.

Once the web-developers and copywriters have implemented its recommendations, the SEO Audit can be updated at the press of a button – no more voluminous paperwork.

And this is when Alastair can add most value. “My expertise is to make sure we’re using the tool to its fullest potential for your business, focusing on strategy and higher-level tasks rather than spending time on the administrative side of SEO.”