In a society that revolves around technology, many brands believe that things like the design of a website, the user-friendliness of a mobile app and automation are at the forefront of a consumer’s mind.

And this is where many brands make mistakes. While up-to-date technology is important, most consumers consider these three fundamental qualities the deciphers of a positive customer experience…

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience​
  • Knowledgable help

In a survey from PWC, nearly 80% of American consumers pointed to these as the most important elements (note: 75% of Australian consumers deem customer experience as a defining point when deciding between buying options, the same as the US).

At a time where business’ agendas are heavily tech-focused, it is vital to remember to still BE human.

Even as automation becomes more prevalent, and as consumers spend more and more time engaging with apps, self-service checkouts and websites, as soon as something goes wrong, people want to speak to a person.

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