Choosing a reputable web design agency

If you’re shopping around for a new or improved website, there are several fundamental components you should ensure your web design contains. At Komosion we believe that an effective website – that is, one that can be found by customers and prospects then engages with them by providing a positive user experience – incorporates several core principles.

In no particular order, effective website design includes:

  • Customer-centric usability; where end users are at the forefront of the website design to
    Provide ease of navigation, accessibility and a positive visitor experience
  • An appealing layout; that provides a consistent visual identity and most critically, is responsive to any device or browser format
  • Strong content; which has been crafted by professional writers to accurately represent your Brand’s tone of voice, providing useful information to website visitors and search engine bots (for SEO purposes) alike
  • A robust CMS; which is easy to use and provides total control over all content

There are of course many other components to a good website, and a good website design will be crafted with your company’s unique needs in mind. But these principles provide a good basis from which to start building a bespoke platform and are, with additional services such as In-App and E-Commerce functionality to name just a few, all offered in-house by Komosion.

How to choose a website design company

As with all business engagements, sourcing a new web design company is a two way street; you are interviewing them whilst they’re assessing you. It’s a relationship game, and it’s critical that both parties develop a sense of trust and comfort that they’ll be able to work with the other. So, in the spirit of speed dating, here’s a quick summary of what Komosion brings to our web design business partnerships:

EXPERIENCE: Web design know-how, creating web designs for companies in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney

INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: Award-winning experience in the fields of Digital Marketing, In-App Development and Content Marketing (as awarded by the Australian Marketing Institute)

INDUSTRY ENDORSEMENT: Accreditation as a certified Drupal open-source service provider

SKILLED STAFF: An in-house team of over 30 industry web design experts including web developers, design architects, strategists, customer and user experience specialists and technology gurus

STRONG TRACK RECORD: A client base of over 80 national businesses and public sector institutions including ANZ, Flight Centre, NRMA, Tabcorp, Arnott’s, Bottlemart, National Trust and the NSW and Victorian Governments.


If you believe your website could benefit from implementing a content management system, Komosion would be delighted to assist. Contact us for a chat today.


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Choosing a reputable web design agency