As part of developing Komosion’s leadership practice, we are bringing together a team of people who reflect diversity because the best decisions and ultimately the best leadership draws on as wide a range of perspectives as possible.

And to this end we are pleased to welcome Brett Leavy who brings expertise in cross-cultural awareness, Visual Arts, and traditional, sustainable foods to the development of tailored Leadership courses for our clients.

Picture of Brett Leavy

Image: Brett Leavy is a First Nations, Digital Aboriginal and descends from the Kooma people.

Brett has a company that is developing “Virtual Songlines” using visualisation software to show us Australia as it was during the time of the First Nations, pre White Settlement.

He describes his project as “time travel” and walking with the First Nations people through what are now the streets of Sydney to Circular Quay, as it was then, is an amazing way to change your frame of thinking and start a day of learning and discussion about leading.

Visit to get a deeper appreciation of Brett and his team’s work.

Image: Virtual Songlines