The difference between CX and UX

What is Customer Experience?
Customer experience has a greater scope, and includes the customer’s engagement with all channels of the brand. This
umbrella concept covers:

Customer service, brand reputation, advertising, sales process, pricing fairness, and product delivery.

What is User Experience?
User experience is the customer’s experience with a specific product, like a website or an app. This includes the design of the
interface covering:

Usability, visual design, content strategy, interaction design, information architecture, & user research.

Why does it matter?
Making this distinction allows us to identify issues within a brand and ultimately rectify them. Improving CX generally requires a more comprehensive analysis of the problem within the brand, whereas tweaking UX can be a lot simpler. However, if a brand has a great CX it doesn’t automatically mean they have a good UX and vice versa.

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