Project Description

Victoria University – Customer Experience

The Challenge

Victoria University engaged Komosion to help it work out where it could have the biggest impact on student satisfaction, ultimately with the aim of reducing churn and increasing advocacy for the university.

Victoria University wanted to map the student journey and analyse the student experience from the student point of view from Offer to Census.

The Solution

Komosion has proven expertise in helping its university clients work out where they can have the biggest impact on student satisfaction, ultimately with the aim of reducing churn and increasing advocacy.

We reviewed the Student Experience across all channels, including digital and physical, to determine needs against the performance of information and service channels in meeting those needs.

We employed a range of techniques including data analysis, primary research and Student Journey workshops.

Komosion also undertook a review of the Footscray Nicholson campus to ensure proposed developments to the physical space would be aligned with findings and insights from the Student Experience work. Komosion provided a summary of the requirements and recommendations.

The Result

The complex university student journey was revealed. We developed an understanding of the “hearts and minds” of potential and existing students through mapping student journeys and analysing the student experience (from the student point of view).

Through our process, we identified four phases a student goes through in selecting a university to enrol in. Each phase articulated the key steps, moments of truth and all the different channel touch-points. We subsequently identified four student segments with different journeys and developed action plans for all steps.

We developed Master Student Journeys which identified Needs, Gaps, “Moments of Truth” and teased out new ways to segment and engage the student audience – via digital and physical channels. This took the form of a Draft Action Plan incorporating a raft of actionable insights and recommendations.

Various high level opportunity areas flowed from the research and a subsequent reframing of Student Relationship Management included:

  • Enhancing the Digital Experience
  • Adjusting the tone, style and content of student communications
  • Better targeting scarce, outbound communications resources
  • Improved integration of academics and senior peers into the new student induction process
  • A more welcoming and interactive physical space incorporating the Student Service Centre