Project Description

Unitywater – Customer Experience

The Challenge

In a 12 month period approximately 30,000 properties within the Unitywater service region change owners. Obviously each sale has a seller and a buyer, so 60,000 Unitywater customers are affected each year.

The company’s Business Insights team has identified the Change of Ownership process as triggering a disproportionate number of calls and correspondence.

So Komosion was engaged via a public process to help Unitywater understand their customers’ needs so processes, communications and website content could be improved.

The Solution

Our first objective was to clearly understand and reveal the customers’ journey from the business’ perspective. We:

  • reviewed more than 45 internal documents;
  • crunched call centre and other data; and
  • individually interviewed18 internal stakeholders from across the company (with the help of the Unitywater project team) including from the areas of:
  • Customer Service
  • Systems Support
  • Correspondence
  • Service Works
  • Maintenance
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Credit
  • Subdivisions
  • Development Services and more.

We then facilitated an internal hypothesis journey mapping session with a cross section of these stakeholders.

We then used our insights into the processes to select participants for two customer focus groups designed to allow the combined Komosion/Unitywater team to delve into the reality the customer experience.

When, through the groups, solicitors emerged as an integral touch point for both customers and Unitywater, the project plan was adjusted to explode out (map in more detail) the role played by solicitors and conveyancers in the customer journey.

Customers were further engaged via a digital survey designed to validate key points of pleasure and pain in the process.

The Result

We identified a master customer journey, with three distinct phases and individual steps. We broke each step broke down to describe the needs, triggers, emotional state, pain and pleasure points and opportunities as seen by the customers.

We similarly described and illustrated the complex journey of the solicitors.

What was the key insight and what will change?

We listed the core issues, sub-issues and opportunities that we had uncovered, sorted them by business areas and noted the relevant customer and/or internal impact. One of the key findings highlighted a common problem that many businesses face: Communication. Not only with their customers, but internal communication within the business was also a major blocker. Customer expectations were not outlined and there was little recognition internally of their main external touchpoint in this business process: the solicitors.

One of the key solicitor insights we uncovered were issues relating to timings. As a change of ownership of a property involves so many stakeholders (the customer, the bank, solicitors, local government, land titles office and more), there are strict timings to ensure that the process is adhered to. As a very small stakeholder in this process as well, Unitywater received many calls from solicitors following up documentation, contributing to the high call numbers for this process.

We created an action plan to address these key issues (and more), with quick fixes, mid-term opportunities and long term strategies to better satisfy their clients, stakeholders and internal prospects as well. Some actions included redesigning customer communications, better monitoring of stakeholder relationships, website improvements (both design and basic information structuring), and other internal structuring and process improvements.

And we provided the tools to help communicate our work by creating Customer Personas and Case Studies.

Our work reframed internal processes and kick-started change management as part of a larger, ongoing process of Business Transformation which is reducing bills by an average of $100 per annum.

We similarly described and illustrated the complex journey of the solicitors.