Project Description

RMIT University – Mobile App Development

This award winning application picked up the 2016 Australian Marketing Institute Award of Excellence (mobile marketing) for Victoria!

The Challenge

The education sector is quickly being forced to adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape that is globally relevant higher education. Innovation is now a need, not a desire in this industry, which has been typically wary of enacting change quickly. Technology, consumer habits and innovation being driven from outside of traditional institutions are seeing increasingly attractive alternatives

The challenge presented to us by RMIT University was to create a campaign that would achieve cut-through – focussing on what mattered most to incoming and potential students as well as highlighting Australia’s multicultural mix and reinforcing welcome and safety messaging to international students.

Client: RMIT University
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The Solution

We developed a way to both positively affirm incoming students’ decision to study at RMIT by giving them a vehicle to celebrate their decision, as well as reaching prospective students and manifesting the excitement of the forthcoming experience. It aimed to orient incoming/prospective students with their new city and continue to support the student journey with customised content about Melbourne.

Komosion designed and built an engaging and fun mobile-optimised web app in the form of a quiz. Two versions of the quiz were developed – one for incoming students who had already accepted a place at RMIT, and one for prospective students not already committed to RMIT but who are in the consideration phase. The content is slightly different for both audiences but both versions are designed to reflect the positive and desirable attributes of RMIT, in keeping with RMIT’s ‘Be True To You’ brand positioning.

The user is taken through a series of 5 questions and at the end is given an outcome based on their selections which describes their Melbourne Style or Student Personality. Through building in functionality to allow the user to share quiz results on social media, incoming students would be more socially and publicaly committed to attending RMIT, had a vehicle to celebrate their university placement, share their excitement with friends and family and form closer emotional ties with RMIT and it allowed both audiences to get excited about Melbourne as a destination.

The Result

Throughout the campaign periods (14 September – 9 November 2015 and 13 November – 20 December 2015) the quiz had tens of thousands of unique visitors from 91 different countries with the majority being added to a remarketing lis. The campaign helped lead generation increase by over 30% year on year.

As well as the excellent visitor and conversion results demonstrated above, the quiz served another purpose, it focused on what matters most to potential students based on the key findings of the Hobson’s Beyond The Data Report on influencing international student decision making. The report strongly highlights the importance of Country in the students’ decision making, and that students evaluate the country (destination) after firstly selecting a study course. The institution comes third in the decision making matrix. Significantly, the report found that a country’s attitude to international students was important. Therefore the quiz highlighted Australia/Melbourne’s multicultural mix and reinforced welcome and safety messages to international students. It highlighted that the international student environment is thriving in Melbourne.

The report also highlighted that perception of prestige/quality plays a significant role in defining country of choice. This was weaved into the app through the questions and the quiz results. Students most value the high standard of education they will receive from a prospective institution, this was picked up in the follow up EDMs as part of a lead nurturing program. Significantly – the report found that it is not just about giving out information or an offer, but that students (and prospective students) need to be nurtured from the information gathering phase through to enquiry and then application, which the quiz helps to do in a nurturing and fun way.

Komosion is continuing to update and tweak the quiz to deliver optimised performance and capture more data.