Project Description

Berry Street Responsive Website Build – Web design and development

The Challenge

Berry Street is one of Australia’s oldest and best-known child and family services organisation, having cared for people on society’s margins since the late 1800s. Today, the organisation delivers in excess of $80 million worth of support services every year.

Berry Street engaged Komosion to redesign and redevelop its website in order to better support the Berry Street customer journey, improving engagement and user experience across all devices as well as incorporating a new look-and-feel in line with recently redeveloped branding. This was to be done on Komosion’s new CMS platform offering, powered by Drupal.

Client: Berry Street
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The Solution

Firstly, we undertook to do a review of Berry Street’s existing site. In this review we:

  • Assessed the customer journeys/insights developed/provided by Berry Street
  • Reviewed the Information Architecture
  • Made recommendations on how Foster Care content will fit into the overall sitemap
  • Determined what user pathways will be followed to deliver on engagement
  • Assessed the functional and content requirements to identify ‘Must have, Should have, Could Have and Won’t Have’ priorities – in line with our agile methodology.

From these initial steps, we then designed and built a new, fully responsive website that meets the needs of Berry Street’s users, and delivers a highly engaging user experience. During this process, we also provided training so Berry Street in their new CMS, so they can efficiently manage their new responsive website.

The Result

Komosion has delivered a highly engaging, mobile-optimised website. The content was migrated from Komodo CMS to, powered Drupal. The new site features enhanced functionality and responsive design, and carefully-designed widgets through which users can donate and feel confident their transaction will be handled safely. These donation widgets are throughout the site in different, customised formats to sit with specific content.

The whole site has been designed responsively, which will enable users to access the Berry Street website on any digital device. The content will effectively shrink to suit the size of the screen in use to ensure a quality user experience regardless if the user connects on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. The move to a fully responsive site will also achieve a Google “mobile-friendly” search result label to all pages. is a supported, hosted and maintained web publishing platform built on the world’s most popular enterprise software, Drupal. It is also designed to be interoperable with other digital experience management software such as that used for:

– Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
– Automatically responding to site visitors (Marketing Automation); and
– Social Media publishing and analytics

And now features widgets that encourage and make donating easy.