Luisa Navarro, Mark Vissa, Sergio Navarro, Esther Rikkone

How do you confront and overcome your deepest fear?

For Mark Visser, his greatest fear was water after a near-drowning experience on his family property as a toddler when he fell into a cattle drinking trough.

On Friday night in Tweeds Heads, on the NSW-Queensland boarder, he told an audience of 100-plus people this propelled him to ultimately become a Big Wave Surfer who has undertaken numerous death-defying challenges, including surfing some of the world’s biggest waves – at night (see video).

Mark has gone on to create online and in-person training which we think is highly relevant for Corporate Leaders – the Ocean Warrior Course.

The Ocean Warrior Course teaches beginner to advanced individuals how to maximize their breath-hold and tap into the secrets of the most elite underwater athletes and watermen in the world.

“Each member of the course will gain a rare insight into how to deal with his or her personal ‘worst nightmare’ scenarios and conquer their individual goals,” explains Mark, who is pictured second from left with Leadership Practice members Sergio Navarro and his wife Luisa.

“These training sessions work largely on mental components rather than the physical. It includes preparation, identifying risks, how to stay calm and controlled, surf specific training and life saving survival skills.”

Mark’s training is one of the experiences available to be incorporated into Komosion’s  Leadership Practice which offers customised Leadership training delivered in engaging and powerful ways, including through unique and inspirational cultural and sporting themes, experiences and environments.

Jack McCoy Talk Story brochure cover

Surfing Filmmaker Jack McCoy’s Talk Story

Mark Visser was speaking at legendary surf filmmaker Jack McCoy’s East Coast Australia Tour where Jack showcased excepts of the 25 films he has made since the 1960s.

Jack shared the stories behind his work with the support of two former Australian world surfing champions, Mark Occhilupo and Joel Parkinson, who had featured in his films since they were boys.

Jack reminded his audience of the overwhelming impact of development on utopian surf destinations, including in Indonesia, by showing before-and-after footage.

He told the audience that surfers are “Custodians of the Ocean” and should be concerned to act in support of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and against any development that further threatened the marine environment.

The $25 million Quest to Film the Surfing of the Largest Waves in History

Mark Visser also described his quest to complete a $25-million movie to film the biggest waves ever ridden – in the middle of the Ocean. The only way to get to these locations in time to surf them is by jumping out of a plane – with jetskis – and skydiving into the locations.