Management consulting firm Komosion today launched a new partnership that will give its clients access to a powerful and affordable new website platform which includes e-commerce and can easily and seamlessly be connected with finance, sales, live chat and other business systems.

The Open Source platform is licence-fee free and configured for rapid-roll out for all businesses with specific instances already available for the accommodation, property and real estate sectors – and more to come.

The partnership is with Hicaliber, a Gold Coast headquartered software development business and certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner. The platform comes with a fully secure, AWS-cloud hosted option including automated updates, support, maintenance and protection from cyber attacks.

John O’Neill – Principal , Komosion

“The future for management consulting is not just delivering great corporate strategy,” said Komosion’s Managing Director, John O’Neill. “Advising clients on technology, digital and analytic issues is now integral and, more than that, we want to provide inexpensive digital tools for our clients to use in their businesses.”

“For example, most organisations need to know their customers better and allow them to access their products and services via the internet at times and places that suit them, more often than not from their mobile devices,” he said. “Via this partnership, we can enable this easily, efficiently and affordably – and link their website services to accounting, CRM, Marketing Automation live chat, and other business systems.”

Darren Fryer – Managing Director, Hicaliber 

Hicaliber’s Principal, Darren Fryer, said that the two businesses were working in partnership to grow together within Australia with a view, over time, to targeting select international markets.

“Together, we are committed to making strategic services and business transformation tools available to organisations at affordable prices so they can compete, grow and even disrupt their marketplaces,” Mr Fryer said.

“This includes leveraging our relationship with AWS for machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice recognition services which are already reshaping the way business is being done all over the world.”