As part of its strategy to offer a wider range of Consulting Services to its clients, Komosion today announced an alliance with Catharine Lumby Associates, specialists in some of the most challenging issues for Boards and senior management: gender diversity and ethics.

The firm’s Principal, Professor Catharine Lumby, has worked with organisations as diverse as Google Australia, the National Rugby League, Channel 10, the Australian Communication and Media Authority and the Australian Sports Commission.

“In the post ‘Me Too era, most problems arise in what I would call the grey zone where often with the best of intentions people in organisations respond in the worst possible way,” Professor Lumby said. “Our workshops are scenario-based and highlight the many ethical dilemmas that so often arise around gender relations … and work through ways to deal with them.

“As we come up to the Office Christmas Party season, for instance, it’s a good time to ask: ‘What do you do when a good Corporate night out goes bad? And how do you pre-empt it?’ ”

Said Komosion’s Managing Director, John O’Neill: “Komosion is in the business of helping organisations transform in the modern economy and, as a Board chairman and someone who has run businesses in both the public and private sector, I know how vital it is for organisational culture and reputation to not only have the right policies but to model the right behaviours.

“Together with Catharine’s organisation, we can now bring research and educational and legal expertise to help businesses promote a fair and diverse culture and prevent bullying and harassment.”

Mr O’Neill said the two organisations were also developing a subscription-based digital platform offering content to complement face-to-face workshops and consulting services. Professor Lumby, who featured in the recent, acclaimed SBS documentary ‘Is Australia Sexist?’, is a regular commentator on gender diversity and related ethical issues in Australia’s mainstream media.