Leading to the Extraordinary … Photo courtesy William Nichols, Aquity Photography.

This weekend, as we prepare to say thanks to the mothers of Australia for their roles in our lives, we felt it was a good time to reflect on some of the less obvious ingredients for successful leadership: Gratitude, Diversity and Inspiration.


As part of developing Komosion’s leadership practice, we are bringing together a team of people who reflect diversity because the best decisions and ultimately the best leadership draws on as wide a range of perspectives as possible.

And to this end we are pleased to welcome Brett Leavy who brings expertise in cross-cultural awareness, Visual Arts, and traditional, sustainable foods to the development of tailored Leadership courses for our clients.

Picture of Brett Leavy

Image: Brett Leavy is a First Nations, Digital Aboriginal and descends from the Kooma people.

Brett has a company that is developing “Virtual Songlines” using visualisation software to show us Australia as it was during the time of the First Nations, pre White Settlement.

He describes his project as “time travel” and walking with the First Nations people through what are now the streets of Sydney to Circular Quay, as it was then, is an amazing way to change your frame of thinking and start a day of learning and discussion about leading.

Visit http://www.virtualsonglines.org/projects to get a deeper appreciation of Brett and his team’s work.

Image: Virtual Songlines


Because we have a diverse consulting team we are more alert to events beyond our national boundaries for which we might be grateful.

That includes the commemoration this week of the fall of Germany in World War II on May 9 in 1945 (Victory Day).

It is a day which is particularly poignant for the Russian community who use it to reflect annually on their country’s role on the Eastern front where some 20 million Russians lost their lives.

View the Siege of Leningrad WWII (3 minute History Channel overview)

And, finally, Inspiration!

Successful, mature leadership is grateful, draws on diverse opinions and thinking and is both Inspired and Inspiring.

One of our Young Leaders, Rachel Rikkone, who lives in Sydney, finds her inspiration in Art and Poetry. Rachel has been kind enough to share some of her work with Komosion community and friends this Mother’s Day weekend.

I see Australia as a precious being, which has to be protected with love and care …” writes Rachel in her poem, My Painted Dreams, which we hope you will enjoy in full at: My Painted Dreams – Rachel Rikkone

Artwork for Mother’s Day courtesy Rachel Rikkone. Rachel’s photo courtesy of David Collins photography.

Tailored Courses

Our leadership courses can be tailored to your requirements and delivered in-house or off-site for group sessions of up to 20 people. We can also provide advice and support via personal coaching including face-to-face, by phone and email.

For further information you can reach us at leadership@komosion.com or get in touch by phone: Esther Rikkone +61 413 509 425; John O’Neill +61 419 751 798.

You can also review more about our practice at www.komosion.com/corporate-leadership-courses.

We wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!