To all our friends and colleagues,

Our nation and many people in our society are now doing it very tough and there are likely tougher times ahead. It affects us all: family, friends, work colleagues – we’re all in this together. It’s a complete leveller.

No doubt like many of you – and perhaps most if not all – we are making some operational changes to manage through these circumstances.

In our case, effective Monday, we moved to remote working and have rostered our team across the week to ensure client engagement and business development activities continue to be available every day during this time of reduced business activity.

As the business owner, I remain available all day, every day and our tech team remains on deck for all Help Desk issues, including 24/7 emergencies.

Please do not hesitate to call me for any reason. No matter is too trivial.

Management Consultation

I am happy to be a sounding board for any issue, concern or positive opportunity you might be thinking about. And let me stress I don’t want any money for this.

Members of our consulting team are also available to discuss leadership and management approaches in this time of crisis and, again, we are here to talk and offer our thoughts – not ask you for money.

Email or call me at or +61 (0) 419 751 798.

John O’Neill, Managing Director

COVID-19 response: Reduced Rate Card 

We understand that for the foreseeable future most businesses will be earning less and have less to spend.

I would like to do our bit to help build a bridge to the post-crisis economy and do our bit in the time of COVID-19 to keep activity happening, including by making our services more affordable.

As a result, we are proactively reducing our standard rate card by 20% from April 1 for new projects and we will work harder than ever with our clients to maximise their return on new projects during the next three months.

This includes the rapid spin up of e-commerce websites and other digital tools and services that enhance our client’s online presence and offering.

We are part of a group of independent partner agencies spanning Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast and we are all working together to have each other’s backs for the benefit of our clients.

We expect that once businesses adjust to this new norm a lot of people will be seeking our support to do more business online and we will extend these core hours where and when clients require us to do work for them.

I feel very grateful for the broadly bipartisan way in which our elected officials are going about building a bridge, not just for business, but for everyone in our community to get across this unprecedented global crisis.

I hope you and the people closest to you are safe and as well as can be in these challenging times.

John O’Neill, Managing Director