Curious how business’ continue to be different and best serve their customers, consequently making them stand out in saturated and competitive markets?

Well last week, Komosion’s Executive Chairman John O’Neill, Head of Social at Web Profits Katherine Chalhoub, Director of Marketing at Universal Music Australia Garret Haakma, and Head of CREATE at Nova Entertainment Kim Kerton, discussed just that.

John O’Neill recommends the best place to start is with mapping out your customer’s journey: “That means sitting down and understanding your customer from the moment they had the first incline of wanting to consume your service, or your product, right through until post-consumption.

“And then you look at your own business service blueprint, and what things you’re doing to engage your ‘would-be’ customers.

“And you look at the touchpoints that they’ve got and you look at where you are, and then you look at where you’re not.

“Which is pretty useful, because suddenly you’ll discover perhaps there is a whole conversation that you’re not part of, that you need to be part of.”

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