Komosion engaged with Federation University (FedUni) last year to create a campaign that promoted the High Achievers Scholarship aimed at attracting students with an ATAR of 80+.

The campaign was specifically designed to intercept potential students and their career advisors in their path to choosing a university. Komosion assisted FedUni by building a hub of value propositions which showcased a complex set of drivers attracting a diverse audience.

General manager at RU Advertising, Elise Middleton said: “The collaborative campaign promoting Federation University Australia’s ‘High Achievers’ recruitment drive, featuring creative and website development by Komosion, was one of the most successful digital media campaigns we have implemented, in terms of click through rates and engagement.”

This campaign acted as a springboard into a new look and feel for FedUni allowing them to compete for top performing students.

Check out the microsite Komosion designed for the campaign here.

Komosion has worked with a variety of tertiary institutions across Australia on multiple projects that focus on helping universities better target their ‘customers’ or more well-known as their students.

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