Last week Instagram launched a game-changing feature that allows users to share longer form vertical videos. Ultimately competing with web giant YouTube, Instagram TV (IGTV) will exist as a stand-alone app as well as through the regular Instagram app.)

Videos will be shown vertically, and can go for up to an hour, a massive move from the one-minute limit for videos on Instagram posts and 15-seconds on Instagram stories.

As soon as the IGTV app is opened, video will begin playing, just like it does on television (hence the name IGTV). Users will be able to follow specific channels and can easily find videos based on their interests.

Instagram has mentioned that IGTV has been created with a focus on younger generations, who are spending a considerable amount of time on mobile devices.

CEO Kevin Systrom said: “Teens are now watching 40 per cent less TV than they did five years ago.”

But what exactly does this move mean for businesses?

Well there are multiple ways business’ can utilise this feature to reach more people on more platforms.

Business’ can upload training videos and product demonstrations, as well as marketing their services and company’s values.

Millions of businesses already have a strong presence on Instagram, and IGTV provides another method to acquire new customers and build stronger bonds with existing ones.

But the most important take-away for business’ is that these videos will be delivered direct to consumers, and with over 800 million users now on Instagram, utilising and learning how to leverage IGTV now will prove very useful.