Could sex destroy your workplace?

January 25, 2021

By John O’Neill, Founder and Principal

What comes after change management

Normally, when we bang on about business transformation, we’re talking to our clients about Customer Experience Design enabled by digital tools and technology. 

But, as recent events in Australian politics have made clear, an equally important and powerful driver of urgently required change is the need to ensure we have workplace cultures of equal opportunity, diversity and respect.

These cultures maximise business and personal performance – and, in some cases, will save organisations from self immolation.

Never has our October 2019 alliance with Catharine Lumby Associates (CLA) – a consulting business specialising in gender, diversity and ethical workplace cultures – seemed more prescient and been more relevant. 

Together, we’re currently engaging an array of organisations (spanning engineering, software, sport, accounting and government) in relation to six key service offerings:

If you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to chat … after all, as the management strategist Peter Druker so famously said more than 20 years ago, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 

And a toxic culture can eat your business.

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