MuleSoft’s ‘Consumer Connectivity Insights 2018’ report found that 81 per cent of Australian consumers believe that organisations in at least one of the four sectors surveyed provide a disconnected experience.

The surveyed sectors included banking, insurance, retail and government, with responses from more than 8000 consumers, and looked specifically at whether organisations are satisfying customer expectations for connected, personalised experiences.

Credit: MuleSoft ‘Consumer Connectivity Insights 2018’ report

Will Bosma, VP of MuleSoft APAC said: “Across all industries, organisations are falling short in delivering connected customer experiences. Australians are calling for on-demand experiences where their needs are meet in minutes not days.”

Government services was seen as the worst performer, with 72 per cent of consumers classifying their experience as ‘disconnected’. While retailers performed the best, 59 per cent of Aussie consumers said they received disconnected experiences.

“The risks for organisations that fail to adapt are significant – more than 60% of Australians have considered changing a service provider due to a disconnected experience,” Bosma added.

Credit: MuleSoft ‘Consumer Connectivity Insights 2018’ report

“While only a small percentage actually actioned this threat in the past 12 months, we can expect many more to act on their words if organisations do not act quickly to improve connectivity and personalisation.”

The report also found that the most personalised experiences are seen in the finance (70 per cent) and insurance (61 per cent) sectors.

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